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Update, finally [27 Apr 2006|02:57am]
After losing my passwad to LJ, then losing my passwad to the yahoo I had the new LJ password sent to, here I am.

This is my journal for this day in April.

Got something really cool to talk about:

1. Enter the Maelstrom
I recently attended this event.
It was the first of many to come, and I have to say I was extremely impressed.
The crowd was comprised all of very cool party goers, and every DJ laid down their sound flawlessy and w/ the kind of style that has put Atlanta Psytrance on the map. Their was a great feel that came w/ the variations on the types of electronica I heard.
Knowing it was the first outting and being a pretty damn good judge of what's worth associating myself to, I had a talk w/ some of the guys who were putting the show on.
I'll be putting these guys on a pedestal w/ my time and energy...they really rocked it out.

2. Croatan (where all my Atlanta friends are right now)
Great things are always happening in Asheville, and this one is worth mention.
It's great to see others exercizing intelligence to even out what I'm doing here at DA (joking mostly) - it's one of those things where you wanna ask people how their time was when they get back, but that's like asking somebody who's been to Neptune to describe the journey.
Maybe some captain out there was good enough to keep a log.
I like to wing it as much as I can.
I ALMOST would've given my right hand to go...yyyyeah.
I really did wanna go, though.

3. Beings of Light
I'm almost to lazy to see how much more time is left until...
Hang on -
(I should have somebody who does this for me)
Sez 10 days, and I'm sending the word out in mass supply.
I got so many flyers here (thanx again J) - if you have been to an Atlpsy, you know it's premium already, and don't need me to state the obvious.
Register for this.

4. Eros
I'll be at my first of these real soon.
I'm looking forward to seeing alot of people I know their, and meeting some cool new kids. Not to brush off DA models, who some of which are really on the money, but I plan on finding some talented artists out there to include in a newer slant on my photomanipulations/general artwork. As you can see, that's becoming more important to me, and as I model build..it will in turn help all of you.
As I will most likely put out a stock account w/ many of these talented people for your disposal. Many of them are performing artists of some type.

5. What's happening to me (and my art)
Oh god..what IS happening to me?
Looking through my own gallery, it appears that I fell off the wagon sometime after the second Psytrance event.
I can tell you this is not the case..some of us know the tragedy I had to go through, many don't. Some of you here were along side me..but I need my space if things ever start to fall apart. I'm still not gonna go into it.
I'll just say someone who I consider my best friend and my brother provided me w/ the advice, knowledge, and tools to make it through.
There's alot of people I see less of since, and while I won't point the finger, I'm very grateful for those who were here regardless of my lack of presence.
Am I harder around the edges, now?
I feel like the same Kotter, but I can't ignore that this changed things about some of my outlooks..even to the extent of how I approach my art now.
Despite a more itchy trigger finger (it's an expression), more smoking and swearing - I still love my life and try to share what is best about it with all of you here.
I hope if other talented artists here recognize me for anything, it's that I never compromised my class and consideration for others..even in the face of darkest adversity.

Did you know:
90% of Americans who kill started out doing so to get back at killers.
(see how I switched the word 'kill' in place of 'spam'?)
yeah, you did..cuz your smart like that


want those links?
They're at ashes2infinity.deviantart.com

Well, that's it for now in my life.

Elli, I know you showed me how to do shit on here, but I think I'm gonna wait till after Eros.
BTW, once again, you did an awesome job w/ my shit - as always!
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A [19 Apr 2006|11:45pm]
Happy 4/20 everyone.

'scuze me!

(back in 5)

Click to ride the luge

Click to register to partay

Have a good one - and come to this party!

Stay green.

Okay, Elli convinced me to do this - lol - yeah, you!
I'm actually all over the internet between (recently) myspace and at deviantart for about a year 'n a half or some shit.
p.s. - that flyer..is my work.


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Great Hopes [19 Apr 2006|12:41am]
[ mood | weird ]

We are entering a new stage I call the Big Bang of the Creative Age.
I notice it everywhere I look - see all its perfect manifestations amongst my friends and those in their company. This is beyond your "new age" declarations and ideas of the utopian self-made social structure.
This is like a tribe unbecoming within an unravelling universe by which we new children of the borderless panexistant millenium overdrive Soulorgean Vehicle of Midnight Rebirth are raised and joining in an epic technocratic choir toward the heavens created by us...for us.
Not one or even many - not a few seperate parties willing to strive for an attempt...the new children are a diverse collective of single body pantheon. Technopagan under a cosmic microscope, reaching out beyond meat thermometer puppet descriptions behind the stars and models of trees into primordial psyberalchymical fucksauce...the place our ancestors called us gods. Where my father named me the good son.
Not joined by the singular mode but adept to the programs of understanding this opiate called the human mind...not isolated, but sane in the constant wilderness.
We come together by the gallery jungle.
We come together by the gallery jungle.
We come together by the gallery jungle.

The time is now.
I see you Atlanta, from the throne of a legend you are.
I see you America, from the chariot of All that is, was or ever will be.
I see you Earth, in the glory of motherly spirit hidden deep in firmament.
I know you by crib, stage, rocking chair and thirst for soul.
The age of man rendered in the reason of the purely abstract.
All of this is not Black and White, but something holy waits to serve you.
We are transdimensional and ready...I am the canvas of you.

J.M. VonKotterhausen

Click to register to partay

Click to ride the luge

VonKotterhausen flyer design.
Note me for promo/design

click on them to register for May 6th Atlanta Psytrance goodness.

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